Purple Fiddle

Cafe, Brews

and Stage

21 East Avenue

P.O. Box 87

Thomas, WV 26292

Phone: 304-463-4040


Open All Week


11 am--8 pm

Open late when

there is a show

Friday and Saturday

11 am-LATE?

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Purple Fiddle trivia:

The name originated with a magnetic  poem left on John's refridgerator.

A stop for a cup of coffee at an old general store-turned-café during a road-trip got us much more than we anticipated, to our delight. It was the beginning of a wonderful alliance between Kate and I. In that moment of inspiration the seeds were sewn. We knew this is where we wanted to plant our roots and thus the Purple Fiddle was born.

good coffee, a varied and healthy deli menu, a community gathering space, and live Appalachian-based acoustic music. We also had our first spat in this instantly created business partnership.

"And it must have a good beer selection," I said.

"I am NOT raising my kids in a bar!" Kate cried.

It was June of 2001 when (my ex-wife) Kate and I first peered into the vacant DePollo Store on Front Street in historic Thomas.  We immediately had a common vision for the space  --

And so our first disagreement led to that Purple Fiddle attribute of which we are most proud - a smoke-free, mostly-acoustic music venue where families can also enjoy tasting their favorite crafted beverage in a responsible and non-threatening environment.

Whether it is a skim, double shot, sugar-free vanilla latte a Pinkus organic pilsner (our favorite nighttime beverage), or a Very Berry smoothie, a bowl of Kate's fabulous homemade soup, or our custom-made ginger-chocolate ice cream, you are sure to charm the taste buds here.

Another thing for which we strived, was for consistent high-quality professional entertainment every weekend, but we never anticipated the overwhelming success we have had.  Since opening 9 ˝ years ago, we have presented a performance every Friday and Saturday night at 8:30 pm! Sure there has been some wicked weather up here at 3000 feet, resulting in some last-minute cancellations, but somehow we are blessed by amazing and responsive musical creatives who have always responded to our call at the eleventh hour.

These days we are thrilled to find that our music schedule practically fills itself six months in advance with nationally-touring professional acts eager to play our great-sounding, intimate space. For this we also give kudos to you, our customers, for always being attentive and respectful of the performances. Almost all of the bands mention this.

The best attribute of the Purple Fiddle is the people. They generate a keen and ardent life-force here. What is cultivated here is heart-warming and very much in the spirit of long-time DePollo Store owner, Mr. John DePollo, and his impromptu social gatherings. It is more than just a place to meet and greet, it has become the heart of an amazing community, where tender and creative souls gather to nurture powerful ideas and build surprising futures.

Plus, there is never a lack of someone to just step in and wash an ever-growing mountain of dishes - just because it is there!

We encourage you to stop in and share in our abundant good fortune.

Seneca Rocks -- just 40 minutes from our door!

Here's a link to a great

radio story about our building -  the DePollo

General Store and some town history.